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Christopher M. Marchase: Sr. Fiduciary/Principal

Christopher M. Marchase: Sr. Fiduciary/Principal

Christopher Marchase started his career as a Professional Fiduciary by volunteering for the El Paso County Department of Human Services Adult Protection Unit serving as Conservator for at-risk adults.  Chris has administered Probate and Protective Proceedings in Colorado, South Dakota, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma and California.

Chris Specializes in a Range of Services & Disciplines

  • forensic financial investigations and audits
  • appraising assets and personal property with emphasis in Numismatics
  • real estate
  • antiques

Chris Represents Clients & Assets

As the founder of Pikes Peak Probate Chris represents a wide range of clients and interests. These include, individuals with ages as young as 8 and up to 90+. Chris is the manager of over $28 million in total assets.


Chris attended the University Hawaii Manoa and University Colorado Boulder-Psychology, and has completed the Professional Fiduciary Program at the University of California Riverside. Chris is a national certified guardian (certification #: 12986).


Chris is a Patron Member of the Colorado Bar Association, El Paso County Probate Bar Section, National Guardianship Association and the Pikes Peak Elder Abuse Coalition.

Hobbies & Activities

In Chris’s spare time he enjoys researching Colorado history, coin collecting, and attending NASCAR races.