Pikes Peak Probate Services has been serving the needs of Colorado and the front range since 2010.

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We are professional administrators

Established in 2010, Pikes Peak Probate is a fully bonded and insured Professional Fiduciary serving the Rocky Mountain region including, but not limited to El Paso County, Fremont county, and the Denver region. We are now accepting new clients. Call or email us for more details how we might be able to assist you, we are happy to speak to your attorney and can furnish references upon request.

Secure your future and your family's future with probate, trustee, estate planning, and administration services.

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Our mission is to provide planning and strategy for your fiduciary needs, financial security, and protection of your legacy and your loved ones. It is our vision to share in the ability to maintain independence and financial support for those who are in need or cannot speak for themselves. We work to protect people from financial exploitation and ensure that their needs are fulfilled.



As the founder of Pikes Peak Probate Chris represents a wide range of clients and interests. Chris is the manager of over $50 million in total assets. Nationally licensed guardian # 12986. Member of the El Paso County Probate Bar Section, National Guardianship Association.




Ashley Garcia joined Pikes Peak Probate Services in 2015 as a Case Manager and now Fiduciary. Nationally licensed guardian # 12989, Notary Public, Member of the El Paso County Probate Bar Section, National Guardianship Association and SHRM.




Lydia Rasmussen has been with Pikes Peak Probate Services since 2017.  Lydia is now one of Pikes Peak Probate Services’ main fiduciaries. Nationally licensed guardian # 12990. Member of the El Paso County Probate Bar Section, National Guardianship Association.  


Admin and support

Amber Nicole

Amber has been Pikes Peak Probate Services office manager since 2023 and she comes 6+ years of management experience and is a pre-law student. She assists and supports the Fiduciaries and other staff in all aspects of case management, including document servicing, researching, and hiring contractors, and property checks.


Amber has her degree in Business Administration and Health and Wellness.  She is certified in Phlebotomy and Mental Health First Aid.  She is working on furthering her education in law and one day may represent Pikes Peak Probate Services.


Amber likes weight training, hunting, fishing, outside work and spending time in nature.

Remy Martin

Remy Martin is a FUR-duciary, he helps with office moral, complex PAW-licies, and acts as an emotional support animal for the staff and clients.


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What services can we help you with today?

Planning & Administration:

Looking for general help and investment protection? We create personally curated plans. contact us today to get started.

Probate Services & Court Code:

Whether you are looking to avoid probate or dealing with a current probate need, we can help you and your family and avoid the headache. We will guide you through the process and ensure you are set up for success.

Litigation & Conflict:

Are you dealing with litigation or need to plan for pending litigation concerns? We support you through the process if you are going through litigation and provide you with the resources you need to be successful.

Estate Planning & Administration:

Looking into estate planning or dealing with a current estate setup? We create personally curated estate plans from life insurance to safeguarding your investments. Secure your family's future and your peace of mind today with a personal administrator for your estate.

Trusts & Wills:

If you are looking to set up a trust or manage an existing one, we utilize our vast network to make the first steps toward estate planning. We also help manage your trust to ensure they are utilized as intended.


Dealing with an audit, financial investigation, or financial exploitation issue? We can provide services and guidance through the entire process. We handle supervision, protection, and support for an at-risk adult or minor or anyone going through the process.