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What to Do When A Protective Proceeding is Put In Place By The Court

A protective proceeding is put in place when it has been deemed by the Probate Court a person is incapacitated or a minor.  A Conservator may be appointed to manage ones financial and business affairs.

Get A Conservator

In order to get a Conservator appointed for a loved one, it is advised to meet with a Probate Attorney. An Attorney will be able to assist in getting a petition filed with your local Probate Court nominating a Conservator. This petition may be costly up front but once a Conservator is appointed, the Petitioner is able to request reimbursement for the expenses incurred to be paid by the Protected Person’s estate. To make sure the ideal Conservator is nominated, have your Attorney request a free consultation with Pikes Peak Probate Professional Fiduciary.

Safe Guard The Trust

Once the petition is filed and the Court has appointed a Conservator, the Conservator will begin marshaling assets in order to safe guard all the Protected Person’s assets.

To choose the best Trustee for your trust, arrange to have your Attorney to contact Pikes Peak Probate Services.  As Trustee, Pikes Peak Probate will administer the trust following the Trustor’s wishes for the designated beneficiary’s.