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planning and administration

Looking for general help and investment protection? We create personally curated plans. contact us today to get started.

Probate Services: Court and Code

Whether you are looking to avoid probate or dealing with a current probate need, we can help you and your family and avoid the headache. We will guide you through the process and ensure you are set up for success.

Litigation And Conflict

Are you dealing with litigation or need to plan for pending litigation concerns? We support you through the process if you are going through litigation and provide you with the resources you need to be successful.

Estate Administration

Looking into estate planning or dealing with a current estate setup? We create personally curated estate plans from life insurance to safeguarding your investments. Secure your family's future and your peace of mind today with a personal administrator for your estate.


If you are looking to set up a trust or manage an existing one, we utilize our vast network to make the first steps toward estate planning. We also help manage your trust to ensure they are utilized as intended.


Dealing with an audit, financial investigation, or financial exploitation issue? We can provide services and guidance through the entire process. We handle supervision, protection, and support for an at-risk adult or minor or anyone going through the process.

Asset Protection and tax planning

We all have different needs when it comes to protecting our assets. We create a professional plan to shield your assets from creditors and protect them for the future. With proper planning you can avoid probate.


Dealing with personal injury, wrongful death, police brutality, civil rights, underage supervision, management, and more. We work with both sides to come to a peaceful agreement regarding any disputes.

Durable power of attorney

Are you or someone you know dealing with dementia, alzheimer's, or traumatic brain injury, or any other reason to request a durable power of attorney? Our team of professionals eliminate the headache or uncertainty that your finances will be handled during unexpected times of need.

Property and Deeds

Are you navigating the paperwork and confusion that often comes with property documents and concerns? We can guide you through the complex process of property and home inheritance. Either through probate or planning for your future.


While PPPS does not provide guardian services for the person, our extensive network can support your needs. We will provide a personalized service plan for wellbeing needs and guide you through the process.

Land Rights: Mineral, Water, and more

Our experienced professionals work with the county to ensure your land is accounted for and protect your assets. We make sure the resources on your land are also accounted for such as oil and water.

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Our mission is to provide customized planning and strategy for your fiduciary needs, financial security, and protection of your legacy and your loved ones.



As the founder of Pikes Peak Probate Chris represents a wide range of clients and interests. Chris is the manager of over $50 million in total assets. Nationally licensed guardian # 12986. Member of the El Paso County Probate Bar Section, National Guardianship Association.




Ashley Garcia joined Pikes Peak Probate Services in 2015 as a Case Manager and now Fiduciary. Nationally licensed guardian # 12989, Notary Public, Member of the El Paso County Probate Bar Section, National Guardianship Association and SHRM.




Lydia Rasmussen has been with Pikes Peak Probate Services since 2017.  Lydia is now one of Pikes Peak Probate Services’ main fiduciaries. Nationally licensed guardian # 12990. Member of the El Paso County Probate Bar Section, National Guardianship Association.  



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