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Learn how Pikes Peak Probate Services can help with your needs and tailor a solution for you. We specialize in probate and trust administration with more than a decade of experience in conservatorship and court services.

Planning & Administration:

Looking for general help and investment protection? We create custom plans. Contact us today to get started.

Probate Services & Court Code:

Whether you are looking to avoid probate or dealing with a current probate need, we can help you and your family and avoid the headache. We will guide you through the process and ensure you are set up for success.

Litigation & Conflict:

Are you dealing with litigation or need to plan for pending litigation concerns? We support you through the process if you are going through litigation and provide you with the resources you need to be successful.

Estate Planning & Administration:

Looking into estate planning or dealing with a current estate setup? We create personally curated estate plans from life insurance to safeguarding your investments. Secure your family's future and your peace of mind today with a personal administrator for your estate.

Trusts & Wills:

If you are looking to set up a trust or manage an existing one, we provide professional administration services and help manage your trust and assets to ensure they are utilized as intended.


Dealing with a financial investigation or financial exploitation issue? We provide administration services to help you through the entire process. We handle supervision, protection, and support for an at-risk adult, minor, or anyone going through the process.

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As the founder of Pikes Peak Probate Chris represents a wide range of clients and interests. Chris is the manager of over $50 million in total assets. Nationally licensed guardian # 12986. Member of the El Paso County Probate Bar Section, National Guardianship Association.




Ashley Garcia joined Pikes Peak Probate Services in 2015 as a Case Manager and now Fiduciary. Nationally licensed guardian # 12989, Notary Public, Member of the El Paso County Probate Bar Section, National Guardianship Association and SHRM.




Lydia Rasmussen has been with Pikes Peak Probate Services since 2017.  Lydia is now one of Pikes Peak Probate Services’ main fiduciaries. Nationally licensed guardian # 12990. Member of the El Paso County Probate Bar Section, National Guardianship Association.  



Remy Martin

Remy Martin is a FUR-duciary, he helps with office moral, complex PAW-licies, and acts as an emotional support animal for the staff and clients.


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Our Clients

Happy people who have worked with PPPS

"I spoke with Chris at Pikes Peak Probate regarding a personal real estate sale that was going through probate. He explained the process clearly, his expertise in the matter was readily apparent, and he really put my mind at ease during a stressful time. I would highly recommend his services to anyone going through the probate process."
Pat Keegan
Satisfied Client
"As a caseworker for DHS, I used Mr. Marchase as a conservator for several of my clients. Ten years later I used him for personal reasons as a conservator. My experience has been that he has always been a true professional and has good ethics. Mr. Marchase is a kind person, he is thorough, and when new challenges come up he explores all his options and is able to think out of the box. He is well connected to the community and respected by attorneys and the court. Most importantly he is honest with his clients consults with them directly, makes them feel at ease with the greatest respect and makes every effort to keep expenses to a minimum when he can. I feel at ease with Mr. Marchase as he keeps me informed and ensures that he follows the court orders and the assets are protected. It's a pleasure to work with him."
Abby Medina, MA. LLC
Satisfied Client
"Through my profession, I've had the pleasure to work with Chris and his entire team for more than a decade, related to many of his clients. Chris and his team always put their client interest first, ALL THE TIME! He is truly an expert in the fields of conservatorships and as a professional trustee. His fees are very reasonable. He's very well connected with lawyers and the court system up and down the front range which is critical in carrying out all of his duties. His staff has grown over the years and are extremely capable, competent and most importantly caring as Chris is too."
Jim Boudreau
Financial Advisor

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