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Established in 2010, Pikes Peak Probate is a fully bonded and insured Professional Fiduciary serving the Rocky Mountain region including, but not limited to El Paso County, Fremont county, and the Denver region.

We are now accepting new clients.  Call or email us for more details how we might be able to assist you, we are happy to speak to your attorney and can furnish references upon request.


To collectively work with adults and children with intellectual disabilities by providing financial assistance to help maintain as much independence as possible.  To also work with adults and children whom have received a settlement by providing financial assistance and prepare the client with future money management needs.  Pikes Peak Probate also works to properly manage an estate upon passing.


To share in the ability to maintain independence and financial support for those who are in need or cannot speak for themselves.  We work to protect one from financial exploitation and ensure that their needs are fulfilled.

 Our Legal Standing

Pikes Peak Probate is appointed as a professional Power of Attorney, Trustee, Conservator and Personal Representative. Please see the “Services” portion of this website for more details.

Credit and criminal background reports on file with the Colorado 4th and 11th Judicial Districts, and updated yearly.